Once upon a time, sure, but Kate and William have better hygiene

Prince William and Catherine Middleton - First...

Once upon a time someone spoke the first fairy tale. No one can know for sure how long ago that was. Perhaps it was Lucy, in Ethiopia, grunting to her daughter of the rich and beautiful hominid in the next river valley, ready to come and sweep her away to a better life. Or maybe it was Java Man gesturing and murmuring to his son about the great hunts that took place way back in the day, in olden times before gesturing, and proper hygiene, as it were.

Eventually someone thought to write some of these stories down, and along with the oral tradition, the written story evolved. Today we know fairy tales as Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel and Rumpelstilskin. But there is another kind of fairy tale as well; One for true believers.

This morning, as sunlight first swam over the sill of my window, I had already been awake for an hour and a half. Yes, I watched the entire royal wedding of William and Catherine. The sun’s rays flowed in time with the processional, Jerusalem, and William Blake’s words, indicating that even briefly, heaven can be found in England, reverberated around Westminster Abbey like stardust in a child’s hands.

As William, enlightened in his hygiene, looked toward his bride and told her she looked beautiful, I swear I could hear Lucy from another epoch, grunting, “You go girl!”

Once upon a time…


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5 Responses to Once upon a time, sure, but Kate and William have better hygiene

  1. joan chandler says:

    Some of my relatives and friends thought it was downright silly of me to turn on the t.v. at 4:00 to watch the festivities. I loved the trivia, the pageantry, the horses, the hats (and “fastenators”), the gowns, the cathedral, the sounds of clip-clopping on stone, the boys’ choir, the selfless poem the couple composed, and on and on. We in the non-UK world tend to think of such events as just more celebrities spending too much money; but the Royals are important to their people as symbols and leaders, and they and their rich history are taken very seriously. Not to mention the influx of money this wedding has generated for a country that is struggling just like the rest of the world! So – if some missed the early-morning excitement, that’s definitely their loss. You should have called! We could have commiserated! 😀

  2. Stacey Lee says:

    Beautiful post Sally! I’m very excited! I have the whole wedding on my DVR and I’m about to sit down with some wine and watch it while Danny and Tom are at the Sox game!

    • Sally Sally says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed the entire spectacle! From Elton and his husband and Victoria Beckam’s mad-hat, to the nuptials. I cried for at least 45 minutes! then I realized I hadn’t had any coffee yet, so I took care of that in a jiffy! Love the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Oh and Harry too…too adorable.

  3. Marti says:

    Love hopes everything. Love your post Sally!!!!!

  4. Jenny Menning says:

    I, too, watched the event from start to finish, and I LOVED it. It started at about 6 pm in China, so I sat right down in front of the TV with a drink (not coffee) and took it all in. The color, the pageantry, the enthusiasm from the assembled crowds held me spellbound. I liked the Queen’s cheery yellow dress and hat and even Camilla looked good, although I tried to picture Diana, and am pretty sure she would have looked better. Kate was beautiful. How can you not like someone who smiles, (sincerely), almost all of the time? She will be much beloved by the Brits, as Diana was, only I think her fairy tale beginning will end with happily ever after.

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