Coming Up For Air

I recently had an interesting three-hour ride tucked into the back seat of our truck. I was contorted around a buffalo skull, a deer skull, a giant rubber ball, and three enormous tubs of art supplies. “Where were you heading” you ask?  To drop our daughter off at college, of course.

Canvas slid, horn points came dangerously close to poking out an eye, and as for line of sight, all I could see was the mirror image of my smiling daughter who was in the driver’s seat. Three packing adjustments later, (with all eyes upon us at a Dunkin Donuts parking lot) the ride became a modern take on the Beverly Hillbilly’s. Since her favorite game is where can I fit, I suggested she try and fit in the back seat with her buffalo skull and giant rubber ball; but she wasn’t having any of it. This was clearly her adventure and her parents were simply there as witnesses (and to make sure she was really accepted.)

Earlier in the week watching her pick and choose what to take and what to leave was interesting. It clearly reminded me of my writing process. Throw everything in at the beginning and start peeling away what you don’t need. More to start with means more to choose from. Jessy was limited to what would fit into and on our truck, as I am limited to a word count as well as reasonable expectations of what my readers will put up with.

Upon leaving the campus, I watched a man step out of his sedan, smooth his tangled hair, and stretch. His daughter popped out easily from the driver’s side, bringing wide eyes and a big smile to school. Looking closer, I recognized the poor creature in the back seat. Her face was barely discernable amongst the shapes and sizes of goods which make up the necessities of a freshman student starting out in 2011.

I gave her a fleeting smile wishing I could do it all over again.



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7 Responses to Coming Up For Air

  1. Samantha says:

    So exciting to be involved! I waved good bye and was proud of a job well done!

  2. JoAnn says:

    I too was the lucky and proud mom bringing her son to college. We had to fly Southwest becasue bags fly free…and bags he had. He took but a couple of days to cram 200 pounds of stuff into 4 bags. I watched nervously as he weighed each one the night before. He proudly announced ” 48.5, 47.8, 49 and the winner – 49.2″. We were quite the team dragging all this plus our carry-ons throught each airport, into the rental car and up the flight of stairs to his apartment. I had eyes of sympathy on me from Norwell to Charleston!! I got home and began to recover only to hear that hurricane Irene has her eye on Charleston…are you kidding me? After all that effort she’d better set her eye on somewhere else and leave his 200 pounds of stuff alone!!

  3. Barb says:

    I heard you came up for air last night! Our trek begins tomorrow.

  4. Jenny Menning says:

    Loved your description of getting Jessy to college. Just got Britt dropped off for her second year. It is great to have all of the “stuff” out of the house, isn’t it? However, still not as easy to let the daughter go. Knowing they are happy makes it easier, though. Surely hope Jessy thrives in her new environment.

  5. Diann Peart says:

    I can’t believe Jessy is already in college. And Bennington…how perfect for her. Please give her my very best wishes for her creative future. Missed seeing you in Cambridge. Next time!

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