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Apple iPhone 5

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Should I feel less American if I don’t get an iphone?  Amongst the leading news stories yesterday was the fervor over the new Apple iphone; Is it # 4S or 5A, or quantum 7? I can’t keep up; It is all so exciting.

How did the lines between commerce and news blur so much? Does Apple even have to advertise? What a racket this is! I bet the marketing department is all on holiday texting each other from beach chair to tiki bar on what a coup it was becoming an Apple exec.

All that Apple has to do is send out an email blast and let the world know they are making a new product and the story-starved news outlets glom on to the latest product release. I saw one reporter practically begging a store employee to “tell her more” on the day of the big announcement.

The two consistent things I heard and read about this new, I-can’t-live-without-device included, it’s size (thinner than the other one…and isn’t thinner always better?), and I can use it when I go to Croatia and call home.

What has happened to solid journalism is a story for another day, but right  now, come to think of it, I may need that Croatia app. I hope they have beach chairs and tiki bars there.

What’s your iphone story?



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One Response to This is my iphone story-release

  1. Barb says:

    I finally got one for my Birthday. It was my present to me!! And I’m loving it!
    So true about the journalism. I always wonder when did weather become such big news. Nice blogging Sal!

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