Flight log: Sandy


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One day and counting. Airline calls, very nice lady on phone asked me if SHE could go home soon. Then she told me they cancelled all legs of our flight to east coast.  Oh well, off to try a new local brew. So far Full Sail is winning, with a close second to Deschutes Ale.
Back to 2 days and counting. Airline calls and are so very nice, I think. I was busy looking up breweries in the area. I later found out they had to canx 1 leg of our trip to east coast. Decision time: Get stuck somewhere new, or return for a new ale trial. The new ale, Alaskan amber, is excellent. Followed by a close second, Kings Red Ale.
One day and counting. Doesn’t look good for flying anytime soon. Better get some work done before trying local spirits. Apparently they infuse vodka with loganberries here, and they make cosmos with muddled limes. This is getting interesting and may involve more research. Someone called from airlines, can’t remember what they said.
One day and counting. Deja vu. I heard the phone ringing, but in my haze, I thought it was last call and I ordered a double Mount St. Helen’s cocktail. I hope I didn’t miss a chance to fly through Newark.
One day and counting. This is the trip of a lifetime. If I live through it that is.
How did you weather the storm?
 In all seriousness, my prayers go out to individuals and families affected by Sandy’s wrath. Hold your loved ones close and whenever possible, enjoy the times you have.
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