Crawling and Marching my way through spring 2013

Literary Death Match

Spring is normally a busy time, but this season has brought on all kinds of crazy. I freelanced a Dishcrawl, I attended a Literary Death Match, (not a Literary Death March as my sister would have you believe), and I welcomed home my college Junior who decided to stay a few weeks longer than the initial plan. Be flexible is the motto.

Back to the Dishcrawl. Apparently Maine is late to the game. This company is in more than 100 cities. You bravely pay 45.00 up front and are only told of the first meeting place. Joining up to 35 other clueless hungry patrons, you are led on an evening of four eateries in three hours. Remember: Flexible is the motto. It was a 50/50 split for me. Two great restaurants, and then a food truck with greasy fare, and an ice cream at the end when I really wanted a nightcap.

Back to the Death Match. For seven bucks each, myself and my companions purchased tickets for a Literary Death Match at the SPACE gallery in Portland. We watched while published writers read their seven minutes or less pieces, only to have local personalities judge and make fun of them, their work, their style choices. Ultimately through a combination of Pictionary and audience participation, a winner was deciphered. Did I mention there was a cash bar? It was hilarious. More so after intermission.

Now I am signed up to band songbirds on their migratory path, and to drink a new beer to save a local watering hole. Those are two separate activities.

Who has time to write?


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9 Responses to Crawling and Marching my way through spring 2013

  1. Wendy says:

    Do I need to come to Portland and drink excessive amounts of peepers @ Mamas? Please tell me the Crow Bar is not the bar in danger of shutting down!

  2. Samantha says:

    Yes Wendy, you do!

  3. Linda Morris says:

    You gave it a good try with the bourbon something or other flavor of gelato 😉

  4. JoAnn says:

    You will be a contestant at a literary death match someday Sally – I’ll be there to cheer you on.

  5. joan chandler says:

    I lead a dull life. No death matches (nor death marches) but our daughter Diane and I did go on a shoe match and march, where I tried to find a pair of sandals suitable for standing and walking, yet in a pretty color to match my new purplish pant suit. I was somewhat successful, finding plain brown – but comfortable – sandals. Diane was the true winner, finding a pair of sandals with very thin straps hidden under floppy straps adorned with multicolored beads and stones. They would be perfect for a Turkish dancer.
    No literary death match, but I do anticipate some good-natured criticism and poking of fun this Thursday when I read in front of fellow writing group members my poem, composed for the writing prompt “Finger-Lickin’ Good”.
    Alas, no dish crawls for me, either. But I did accompany a couple of good friends on a poison-ivy crawl. We were exploring the woods, looking for trout lilies and skunk cabbage. No one noticed any poison ivy, but my crawl was most successful, as I was subsequently covered in itchy spots. This weekend I’ll be attending the retirement dinner of a friend, and the college graduation of our grandson. I’m shopping now for a pinkish dress with red polka-dots so that no one will notice the poison ivy.

    Good luck in your quest to save a local watering-hole by drinking lots of beer. Your commitment to the community is highly admirable!!!!


  6. joan chandler says:

    Well, gee, it doesn’t make a heart. Bummer. 🙂

  7. Trudy says:

    I hope you drank AFTER banding those song birds.

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