June 4, 2010 Fresh Perspectives

I recently had a healthy break from my routine when taking care of a three year old. After four days/nights, it took me several hours to orient myself back to adult life. How boring. It was way more interesting being on high alert, all senses focused on simply keeping him safe. Aside from the serious side of parenting, kids are hilarious. Take time and listen to a kid. Here are some random thoughts from this past weekend:

*Need to tire out your little guy? Have him play under a sprinkler with a dog and put a snorkel mask on him for adventure.

*When you are on the ground, reading a book, the clouds are mighty interesting, maybe more so than the story.

*When you run out of money for the bumper cars, it is okay to let them pan handle for tokens

*There just aren’t enough Nerf bullets on the planet; the 100 or so in every crevice of my house is an insufficient supply

Of course I did not write one word while taking care of my little friend. But when I got back to the keyboard, I had a refreshing, new perspective.

Be Well, Sally

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