May 24, 2010 Internal Dialogue

Several times in the past week when typing on my computer, a tiny window has popped up at bottom of my screen distracting me away from my work. It simply says “an error has occurred.”

This completely confounds me, and I am left wondering what could have occurred. Is someone trying to tell me something? Was it the last thing I wrote in the 3rd person? Should it be in the first person present? What error has occurred? My brain won’t let it go and I have to shake it off as bad karma.

A lot of my work with my characters involves internal dialogue. You know, the stuff that is constantly rattling around in our brains, adding up conversations in our head, trying to figure out the answers to various questions posed by the universe. Some questions can seem small but are really big; I have to dig deep to decide.

So, when something like “an error has occurred” pops up on my computer screen, I don’t just ignore it, I get caught up in the decision making process, is this a big deal or just a little distraction?

It’s difficult to be me.

Be Well, Sally

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