May 31, 2010 Striking the Set

There’s an expression for when a theater troupe is finished with a production and they need to clean up the theater, when they remove all the props. It is called striking the set. The set becomes a clean slate and is ready for a brand new experience. One day there could be a booming musical complete with orchestra pit, and the next day the space could host a drama with only a handful of players. I love live theater and I marvel at the transformation of the space; to be in the same room and feel completely different from one night to the next is an amazing feat.

With my writing I try to accomplish much the same thing. I am not a formula writer, plugging in new locales and new names. I actually write completely different genres, from one story to the next. After completing a project I like to come up with fresh ideas to keep myself and my audience interested. So I guess my in-between-projects-period could be called striking my set while I prepare new and interesting ways to entertain myself and others. Hmmm…maybe a musical next.

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